The PD 6500i leads the industry with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features.

 Designed for maximum throughput without compromising security, the PD 6500i is the walk-through of choice 

for security professionals worldwide.[spaces:0]

Garrett PD 6500i is ideal for special events use when configured with a battery module and caster set.

This option allows for easy, rapid deployment at special events, stadiums, schools, and other large venues

with no wires to deal with. Within minutes, a checkpoint can be set up, or moved to another location to meet 

security needs at a moment’s notice

And the most important gateway specification

Where she works the sound system and lighting on the sides of the gate, where the goal is to identify the place

wherever he is if the sides or below the waist or above the waist which is characterized by the presence of 

characteristic 33 points discovery

And speed detection of 1 second is to locate the weapon sound and lighting

US industry

Guarantee two years