Supply & Install Smart Mirror (Birdie Mirror, GPS, Kids & Drivers Tracking Device)

Tracking device and auto tracking audio and video

Birdie device

This modern device is characterized by many features and characteristics that meet the needs of head of the family to 

check on his children with the driver through the following advantages:

1. smart mirror fix over the car mirror.

2. mirror on a screen containing 5 inches with a quad-core processor.

3. inside mirror is installed communication chip with a data package subscription.

4. International GPS navigation system tied with the satellite.

5. find out the location and speed of the car and the conduct of the line the moment through the intelligent application on the mobile phone.

6. Mirror on number 2 containing Cameras (internal to monitor the driver's and passenger Live and external to film the front of the vehicle).

7. Can the driver and passenger conversation and listen to them through the intelligent application and through the speakers in the mirror.

8. contain mirror the international system and maps can determine the starting point and the access through the mirror with voice guidance.

9. Can WIFI for all passengers in the car service broadcast through the mirror.

10. Telephone service can be linked to the person with the mirror via Bluetooth.

11. machine warranty of 3 years.

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