Supply & Install CCTV Systems (Homes, Facilities, Buses)

All owners of facilities (restaurant, factory, car rental desk, office, shop Mobiles, Barber salons, clinics, medical center, hospital, school, learning center, housewives...)

We developed our search for the best kinds of security surveillance cameras in terms of price, quality and composition, best option in terms of the installation of surveillance cameras and the excellent quality and the right price.

Monitor your home and your office and your factory and everywhere constitutes a privacy you have the best types of cameras following specifications:

Cameras internal control INDOOR, 2-megapixel camera, IP camera, night vision and a very clear day

Cameras OUTDOOR external monitor 2-megapixel camera, IP camera, BULLET, see day and night excellent.

Animated PTZ cameras, lens resolution up to 5-megapixel camera, rotation up to 360 degrees, the detection distance up to 200 meters

BOX CAMERA, private money exchange shops, restaurants and mobiles.

CCTV for Buses (Schools & Universities)

CCTV for control Baby.

CCTV for Plate Numbers for Cars.

All cameras bear different weather factors (temperature, moisture, dust, frost..)

Cameras available starting from 1 megapixel camera and up to 5 Megapixel

The possibility of the display on the television or computer.

Linking cameras on more than a mobile phone.

Follow-up to the home and office via smartphone live broadcast and direct even if you're offline outside the country.

Cameras provide audio and image technology Smart Mic.

Capture photos and enlarge it up to 265 times.

Integrated Anti-Theft System.

Cameras recording device (NVR - DVR)

AHD cameras are linked of cable UPT, RJ45 with the DVR (4, 8, 16, 32, 64) channel.

IP cameras are linked of cable UTP with the NVR (4, 8, 16, 32, 64) channel.

Store information on HARD DISK up to six months with the addition of an external storage Unit.

Proud of what we offer from a private security cameras and products to satisfy our customers deal with several well-known companies in the world of security surveillance of modern and sophisticated surveillance cameras

Samsong (Korean)

Sony (Japanese)

Felix (Malaysia)

ACCESS (German)

Akti (US)

Traice (Korean)

Cam Scan(CAD)

Heikvigin (Chinese)

Soyo (Chinese)

Winpossee (Chinese)

More options available and provided at your fingertips Dear customer for the sake of convenience and your personal security.