Building Entry Systems

Supply & Install Card Reader & Magnetic Lock.

Varied forms and types of smart card reader by its use, including:

Smart card reader for hotels

Smart card reader for offices

Smart card reader complexes

And is linked to the Card Reader with a magnetic lock and there is Master Card allows access to all doors with the allocation of only one card for each person independent Login

Features smart card reader Card Reader:

Beautiful and attractive form.

Audio is not high when the opening process.

Fast response to open a time of 0.01 seconds.

diversity of shapes and sizes for the hotels provide the reader with an internal battery lasts up to the age of five years.

Types and models and distinct forms and beautiful and available some of which is coated with aluminum and chromium to increase the attractiveness and longevity

Equipment for in-house staff

Attendance Machine for employee

You can through this technology to control your employees and their movement in morning & evening through attendance machine, you can use different types like:

Attendance machine by finger print.

Attendance machine by PIN

Attendance machine by smart card

Attendance machine by facial imprint.

Attendance machine by iris recognition.

The specifications for this machine as following :

1)      Prepare daily, weekly, monthly reports for the employees through Excel sheet.

2)      Easy to control the delay & absent employees through the reports.

3)      Easy to calculate the total salary for all employees with discounts.

4)      Easy to calculate the time over & shifting times.

5)      Saving time & money during the month.

6)      Database unlimited.

7)      Easy work & control on the program.